Monday, March 22, 2010

Super Stage~!


Am I still dreaming? NO?

Okay okay.. breathe in, breathe out.

FINALLY! I met my suju oppas, right before my eyes!

Haven’t you heard? They came to Malaysia for their very own first super stage! Super Show 2 live in Malaysia. Ain’t that cool?

It was last Saturday night, on the 20th March to be precise.

My first impression was --- Daebak. AWESOME!!

However~~ My sister and I came a bit late for the concert due to unavoidable circumstances. The concert should start on 7 pm but thank God they started at 8pm, which made us 15mins late (we missed 3 songs including ‘It’s You’, darn!). Nevertheless, we managed to find our seats and listened to their self-introductions. Woot wo0t!

They visited Malaysia for 3 times already. If I’m not mistaken, the first one was during DBSK concert in 2006 where Super Junior was the guest artiste. They also did a MV for Dancing out in Putrajaya. And at last, they had their own concert here. Isn’t that nostalgic? Haha.

Some of their special intros:
  • The Fallen Angel Leeteuk
  • The Living Work of Art Siwon (Woahh)
  • The Bubble Boy Yesung.
  • The Hottest Baby Kyuhyun :)

Most of them had their solos too.

Our endorphin Ryeowook made quite a scene cuz he danced with a girl (who didn’t match him at all - her thighs were too large. Everyone boo-ed her after that perf. Haha)

Yesung came out with his charming voice.

Kyuhyun sang 2 songs with his lovely voice *.*

Heechul sang a rock song (love his hair and outfit, lol)

Siwon with his gentleman-ness (he said “Terima Kasih” which made everybody melted)

Donghae danced and sang cool-ly,

Sungmin started off with a keyboard and sang emotionally (cool entrace!)

and Leeteuk who sang and danced with a few girls and ended with a fake kissing act with one of the dancers (oppa andweh! SHIRO! xD).

The Bukit Jalil’s Putra Stadium was a bit smaller than other stadiums they went. But it’s good, cause I can see them up closer (tho my seat was on the upper tier. Haha).

They performed Don don, Sorry sorry Remix version, f(x)’s Chu~! Parody, Wonder boy, Rokkugo, Marry U, and so many more. The most touching part was during ‘Shining Star’ – the audience had a white light stick each and so the stadium was filled with ELF stars! Leeteuk was touched and even cried TT__TT. He’s indeed the best leader. Oppa, don’t cry! Saranghae! (I was enjoying the show too much and forgot to take a few memorable pics of this touching atmosphere. Aigoo~)

And~here comes the exciting part —Bahasa Melayu session! LOL. All they know was, “Apa Khabar? Appa kaba Malaysiyaaaa!” ahh kyopta~ and "Terima Kasih”. At least they made an effort right? :) My Kyuhyun said “Saya Sayang Awak” with a Chinese slang. Ngahaha~ Saya ayang awak juga Kyuhyun oppa! :P

However, Teukie was the best cause he said “SYUKUR” thrice with his Korean slang. Can you believe that?? How could he possibly know that word? A very religious man I must say. Even Siwonnie din say syukur. Huhuhu. Everyone got blurred of what he was trying to say.. I can see his disappointed face. He was like “Syokour! Why didn’t you guys respond? I’m speaking a Malay word here, don’t you get me??” Ngaa poor Teukie~~ It was kinda difficult for us to understand your koreanish malay.. huhu. As a leader, it’s natural for Leeteuk to say a few words to the audience (actually, they were long sentences...).He spoke in Korean and of course, we couldn’t understand you oppa~~ TT__TT . Thank goodness Siwon could communicate in English (he read Bible a lot, I think) so he translated what Leeteuk wanted to convey to us. Guess what? They are having their 4th album soon! No wonder they came out with solos I haven’t heard before. Huhu.

Honestly speaking, all 10+2 of them were unusually handsome while on stage. They were dazzling idols. Kyuhyun got a haircut, like Teukie’s. He didn’t have that Ronald McDonald hair anymore, a different image of him. But Kangin, Hankyung and Kibum couldn’t make it. Although the audience screamed wildly whenever Kangin’s and Hankyung’s face popped out on the VTR, it felt different without them. Sigh. Please be 13 again~!

Some of the random pics:

short hair kyu


eunhyuk on the 'lift' :P

farewell T.T

I had fun!!!
Terima kasih SuJu!
Please come again for SuShow 3!! :P

Ps: Rase dumbfounded sebenarnye mase concert tu habis. 3 jam je?! Tak cukup~~ nak lagi nak lagi nak lagi~ dan rase macam tak puas hati jugak sebab tak dapat amik autograph or amik gambar dgn diorang. Takpe next time kalau diorang datang lagi aku cop front seat awal2! Ngahaha.

Monday, March 15, 2010

When the holiday comes.

This happened last week.

I was NOT alone in my sister's house.
But the atmosphere on that time was rather.. boring.

Well, with no TV, don't you find it boring too? What else can you do in your sista's house during holidays?? Don't ask me to do the house cleaning.. No no, I wasn't lazy. D'urhh.
It's just that.. the house was too clean! :D

Nevertheless, there was a wi-fi connection. Yeay!
So thanks to the internernet, I got a brilliant idea to waste up my time on that day.

I decided to do.. *drumrolls*





















SKYPing! ~~

huhuhu. Thanks Era. You made my day. We did video calls for like, 2 hours? Yeahh.
You can talk all day long when you meet your ex-school mate, right? :D

ps: Are you happy now Era? I granted your wish. Haha xD

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Second: The Interview.

It was 10.30am. Everyone was nervous and anxious of what the interview panel would be asking. There were 3 interviewers. One of them is the Deputy Dean of Kuliyyah of Dentistry. The questions uttered were as follows:

Q: *Checking my profile* oh... a very determined person. Why do you choose dentistry?
A: I chose dentistry because I find it very interesting as it is composed of science & artistry. And I wanna help ppl to be aware of how important it is to take care of their oral health. Because the public always take it for granted. They think that oral care is not as important as other parts of the body.
Honest ans: My father is a doctor and I want to continue his legacy. But the thing is, I don’t want to work late until night cause in the future, I’ll have my own family and become a mother. So I need to balance my work life with my family. That’s why I chose to be a dentist cause dentists usually work in office hours.

Q: When did you realize that you want to choose this path (dentistry)?
A: After SPM.
Honest ans: I’ve been considering accountancy cause I love Math. But after SPM in the UPU form I filled in dentistry, so I’ll just continue with it.

Q: Do you know any seniors in Kuliyyah of Dentistry (Kuantan Campus)?
A: No. *shaking my head*
Honest ans: *thinking*Yes, I do know a few of ‘em, like Kak Aishah, Kak Farah, Kak Ilyia and Kak Afifah. (but it was too late to change my answer)

Q: Do you hear any rumours about Kuliyyah of Dentistry? *smiled*
A: Yes, I heard that dentistry is tougher than medical because dentistry students need to study what medic students do, then add up with further elements of dentistry.
Honest ans: I heard that dentistry is tougher than medical, but I managed to convince myself that the rumour is not true.

Q: *Scanning my previous results* I see that you have problems with Biology (FYI, I never get an A for Bio). Why?
A: Well, I think I have problems with memorizing the topics…and stuffs in Biology. And I need to improve that. *convincing face*

Q: *The Deputy Dean looked very worried* Do you know the technique to memorize better? Because this course needs a lot of memorization.
A: I think it would be better if I do study group..

Q: No no no, do you know the right technique? Do you jot down notes after reading?
A: Yeah, I write a simple note for the key points.
Honest ans: Not really because I have to rush on reading. I always end up doing last minute revise.

Q: You know, if you write down what you have read and rewrite, you will remember better. You need to rewrite and rewrite, then it would be easier for you to memorize.
A: *Nodding* okay3.
Honest ans: *Wondering* How can I write what I have read if I couldn’t even manage to finish reading all the topics? Especially during final exams. There were so many topics to cover on.

Q: *Nothing else to say* That’s all. Thank you.
A: Thanks for your time :)

Well, in some situations, we just cannot be too honest, right?

Alhamdulillah, finally in less than 10 minutes the interview was over. Feuwhh~ . The interviewers were kind though. They always put on a friendly face and give reasonable questions. I’d love to be their students if they are dentistry lecturers! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Wae gerae? Bueyo? Mollaseyo.

I think it's time to have
my own blog, filled with my own emotions, thoughts and opinions. No more sharing.
Sometimes there are moments where you need to be alone, to be honest to yourself, without worrying what others may say about you.
Well for me, this is the best way that I can think of - having a journal. Of course other netizens out there may read my writings and leave their comments. It's just that I don't want to be influenced by other ppl's expectations and just write what comes from my heart. I'll just be..ME.
I'm the type that doesn't show her sad feelings to others. But you can't just keep your feelings to yourself right? Cause in the end, they may burst out and become worse. So here I am, writing my diary so that I can express what I feel about my life and surroundings.
So people out there, please anticipate my adventures of life :)

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