Friday, August 15, 2014

a short note


There are so many things, memories, that i wish to pour them out here as writings. but taktahu kenapa when i berangan-angan nak tulis, bukak laptop, terus tekan sana sini dah terlupa tujuan asal T_T 
for some reasons, i don't like to share about my personal life. but personal experience such as trips to awesome places should be shared right?? just in case i get to make my readers happy/ inspire you, who knows ;)
most of them would be just throwbacks, because it takes a good time for me to write long, beneficial posts. haha. i hope i'm rajin enough to write you guys some useful posts later on! being postponing my written posts, thanks to pictures diary by instagram -__-
please pray for my hardworking-ness, happiness & not to forget my safety for the trip to bandung next week :D 

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