Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dental Intervarsity 2012

Salam. it's been a while right? hehe. sorry been busy with stuffss (always/forever busy -.-)

so now i'm gonna update you guys with things that happened on Dental Students Intervarsity Sports Carnival 2012! :D

Date : 03/03/2012
Venue : IIUM Stadium & Sports Complex

basically it's a sports event for all dental students in Malaysia. we invited students from private universities as well, but sadly they couldn't join us. so the universities that took part were UM, UKM, USM, UiTM, USIM and of course the event host, IIUM :)

Games allocated were futsal, volleyball, netball, basketball (3 on 3 male), badminton (single & double), table tennis (single) and not to forget track & field event, 100m & 4x100m. sorry we weren't able to provide more games due to lack of committee members and budget :P

All participants gathered in the IIUM stadium as early as 7.45am in the morning. Thank you to everyone who patiently waited for the Opening Ceremony to start due to the rainy weather. Then, everyone moved to sports complex to register for each game. Games held indoor were volleyball, badminton and table tennis, while netball & basketball were played outdoor. Since the it was still raining, outdoor games couldn't start at 9am as in the schedule, especially when the courts were all wet and slippery. Also because of that, futsal teams decided to play in futsal indoor court, Ulu Tiram. I didn't have the chance to watch them play cuz i need to stay in the complex for announcements. le sigh kinaaa.

volleyball male

final table tennis~ kak assha

badminton double male

badminton single male~ gold medal xD

badminton double female

kak faezin ~ badminton single female


just wanna highlight the button :P

volleyball female ~ gold medal!

love this pic

basketball (indoor -semifinals & finals)

closing ceremony

our iium flag's flipper :p

closing ceremony~

prof muhannad :)

cute MCs :p

prize giving ceremony

congrats capten :)
futsal female - gold medal

USM - overall winner

nice flag huh~

2nd yr students!

congrats UIA :D


Overall results : 
 1) USM (23points) - 6 gold medals
 2) IIUM (21points) - 3 gold medals
 3) UM (20points) - 2 gold medals
 4) UKM (11points) 
 5) UITM (8points) 
 6) USIM (4points)

Congratulations to those who win, and everyone for making this event a success. Sorry for any shortcomings as this is the 1st time for us,IIUM dental students to conduct such a big event. Hopefully we can meet again next year, tata! ;D

p/s: photos credit to anas :) sorry i'm a bit biased :p u can view the rest of the pics in anas album~

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