Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Simple Note for You

To my dear friends

Sorry I've been busy lately.
Still struggling to adapt with new environment new subjects new bag new shoes (?!) haha
Sorry for the loooooong silence.
Am not being snobbish or whatever.
It's just that.. I can only do ONE thing at a time.
Cherish the moment, especially in this month full of barakah, Ramadhan :)

Going to sit for end of block 1 exams right after hari raya
 particularly on the 4th day.
Wtfish kannn -_-'
Anatomy, Biochemistry, Oral biology & Physiology. 
Come into my dreams pleaseee. hihi
Happy sahur and Breaking Fast people :)

ps: camne nak study eh? lupa dah.. haha

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what i really want

now is..

a CAR.

aah keta. KERETA. alaaa yang ade pintu & bumbung pastuh ade 4 roda boleh isik 6 org skali dlm tuh pastu ade air cond tak payah pakai kipas de kalau paneh.

nak tau kenapa?

sebab kulit dah over tanned. yela dah hari2 jalan keliling imc yang tak penah terfikir nak buat laluan pejalan kaki berbumbung. drpd bazir duit buat bangunan besar2 aku rasa better buat kemudahan awam macam ni. kurang2 dpt gak pahala. kan?

balik rumah je mesti sumorg ckp kaler aku semakin manis sekarang mengalahkan kicap cap kipas udang. haha. tapi haritu takde plak family aku kutuk2 aku sgt, maybe sbb muke aku exhausted nak mati naik bus 5 jam? *ohh nape firefly dh xde flight from kuantan??*

dapat kelisa pun cukup la.. *haha demand takk*

tapi satu je lah problem nye..

LESEN L je wehh. bile ntah nk gi JPJ test. dh expired nanti kot baru leh buat. haihh renew license kena guna duit lagi. distinction tul la..

so close yet so far away.. what a life.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

meet the juniors

what should we do on interaction day??


but.. how??

Tengok ni.. I'll show you how!

first. Get your names written as big as possible. On a piece of cloth. And WEAR it. You don't want to be called as 'bionik kamal' or 'rita rudaini' right?

second. Warm up with an aerobic session! But I think carbonara Capoeira (betul ke nih?) steps shouldn't be included. It's a martial art for goodness sake. And plus, Kpop songs should come together with Kpop dance! Don't spoil the mood! :P

third. Get in groups and create a cheer song. What's better than waka-waka song these days? None.

fourth. Get excited with the games! starting with.. CARI MENANTU. okay, people who are not yet married should go find the candidates for your future menantu a.s.a.p..

rules of the game:
1) Sanitize your hands
2) Separate the mixture of garam, gula, sagu and kacang hijau on a dulang.

3) Create a spontaneous strategy

4) Be patient throughout the game as it may take a LITTLE tiny time to finish

4) Give the gula-mixed-with-garam-and-peluh portion to the brothers and let them prepare air sirap with it. yummy.

5) Don't drink the sirap. Just.. don't.

fifth. After you've found your preferable menantu, kawenkan mereka! hahaha. but students need to cut down the marriage cost kan, so wearing paper clothes for bersanding should be okay.. :P

sixth. sembelih lembu for the kenduri! hoho. but before that, everyone should gather and try practicing tarik tali amongst yourselves so that it wouldn't feel awkward to pull the real cow later on. tarik2..

seventh. Prize giving ceremony for.. err.. the group. we won 3rd place! un-sangka-rable! haha

Presenting.. the 4th batch of Dental Students!

had fun. thanks seniors :)
pics credits to fatin pink & bro bad :P

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