Saturday, October 24, 2015

Summary: final year dental student life


As I scrolled down my past blogposts, I realized I haven't really mentioned what I did in my final year (last acad yr 2014/2015). Just that viva final pro exam thingy. 

So here goes my quite-an-achievement;
-issued & reviewed 12th denture (did 3 pairs & 1 single denture that yr)
-issued a set of Full/Full denture for prostho clinical exam with good remarks from the examiners & complete satisfaction from the pt (sampai tak nak dtg review ha)

-completed 3 anterior RCT (all premolars lol) 
-issued a URA to my ortho pt which was also my dear paeds pt afiq :)
-done 2 MOS (impacted teeth)-under specialist' supervision ofc 😅
-did 2 cantilever bridges and 1 posterior crown 

-finished 10th paeds extraction, 1 pulpectomy (but unsucessful since roots were too short), 1 pulpotomy followed by SSC placement on my handsome paeds pt, Ali :)
-completed 5 GDP cases with 2 reports
-completed 40 sites (kot?) of root planning & review for case report
- >5 DPH complete cases with 3x visits <25% plaque score, 2 tobacco cessation & 3 dietary advice given
-won 3rd place for 4th DSSC (kod level) & participated in the NDSSC.

Bila list out baru nampak mcm wahh i did quite a lot actually.. 😆 but not enough.

The bitter part was, I wasn't able to complete my Cons requirements; due to pt's problems, clinic unfavorable condition, time constraint & rezeki. So here I am in IIUM trying to finish these requirements within this final semester to be eligible to sit for my last pro exam paper this January In shaa Allah. Your prayers for my success are highly appreciated, jzkk! 😊

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