Thursday, June 16, 2011

[KPOP] Block.B or B1A4?

MTV Match Up Block B vs B1A4

starting 22nd June, 11pm 
(not sure whether its gonna air in astro or not -_-) 

i'm soooo gonna watch this! so who's your bias? 
mine, of course Block B (in black) :P
both groups (i believe) have their own charms. 
but i prefer BB cuz they got swag and catchy songs! :D 
this is gonna be awesome, U-Kwon my chopper, wait for noona!! XD

ps: catch Block B new MV teaser, Halo :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

dear 4th Legacy

GOOD NEWS!!!! now, the price is only rm55 for all... (for those who attend the congress and for those who doesn't). only few seats are still available!!! for those who interested and wanna make a confirmation, please contact me, ZUL (0163918631) as soon as possible..


Thursday, June 2, 2011

SJ-M @ Hari Belia

Date: 28th May 2011
Venue: Putrajaya
Event: Himpunan Sejuta Belia (Free concert)

I know I should have posted this earlier. But who cares, I just wanna show the pics I took! :)
I was sitting comfortably with my sister & friends under this huge white canopy right in front of the stage, hoping that my energy won't be wasted (Although I want to see them up close, but thinking that I need to stand up for 3 hours I changed my mind). Here's my view:

very comfy right.....

The concert started at 8pm with Farah Asyikin as the 1st performer, followed by Nadia AF & someone (My Starz LG winner kot).

you can see everyone is still sitting obediently

Then from 9pm-10pm we waited in boredom because Super Junior M (SJM) won't show up till 10pm. I thought I heard Farah said there were loads more Malaysian artistes gonna perform? But nahhhh there's none and I can see people snoring during that 1 hour break. Epic failure for concert management & organizer.

tick tock tick tock. 10pm.  and then..... here comes SJM!!  the crowd went crazy, plus people at the back (including me) shouting angrily to those in front who wont sit! what on earth la, ade kerusi korang nak berdiri? kufur nikmat betul!
Since the front seaters are sooooo stubborn and annoying, we had to stand in order to see SJM clearly. well not so clear, lol. Mind you my friend, era stand on 5 stacked chairs, and I used 3 chairs. heh. Sorry org blakang :P

So SJM performed for 1 hr, song list: Perfection, Blue Tomorrow, Super Girl, and others which I've never heard before. lol. Only 6 ppl came, Donghae & Siwon couldnt make it cuz they are busy with their drama acting TT__TT. Ryeowook, Henry, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk & Zhoumi had their solo performance.


kyuhyun, my bias :)

 There were also chit chat session. 6 lucky fans were selected. T.T

of all fangirls, they chose a man?!! jsdfhfhdjstg

this girl gonna dieeeeee coz he hugged my Kyu two times. look at his blissful face LMAO
Sitting standing on chair is exhausting. I'm not gonna come to free concert nemore (hopefully). KBS please dont organize any free concert next year puhleaseeeee. TQ :D

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