Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tunics - decided


Sorry but I had to postpone the promised post regarding tooth carving.
(Molar's in the making yaww!)

So dearest my 1st yr dental batchmates.. How do you guys feel? Hehe.
Our tunics would be yellow-orangish in colour aite?
Perhaps like.. this?

consider the middle one xD

WOW. I never thought our Dean would really choose this colour.
I mean, there were just me and wan who suggested this colour at the end of the voting session (which ended 'suddenly' & 'unexpectedly') and only a minority of 7 ppl agreed to it and the colour was surfaced at the very last minute.. So I never thought Dr Bo would really choose this! xD

Though I am so pleased upon hearing the news, still there are majority of my classmates, yeah, YOU who are a bit disappointed with the colour chosen. Well, it's good that we didn't choose the final colour ourselves kan? Cos later on, you guys can always give the excuse "..ala, dean yg pilihkan." to anyone who complains about our outstanding tunics :P

Nevertheless, I'm still saying I'm happy :) because you see, we're gonna wear white tudungs and white pants and white shoes with the tunics, so don't you think it's better if we have a brighter tone of tunic to match altogether? And another thing, our future children patients would be happy and excited to meet us cos judging from our appearance, we'll all look BRIGHT and sunny :) just imagine a white dental clinic filled with yellowish orangish shirts.. pwetty :) haha yea yea I'm being bias but as Dr Bo Bo Ko always says, "whatever"~ xD

The thing is, they should have given us the catalogue earlier, and let us discuss thoroughly and all, but nevermind. We just can't blame the authority right? :P

So friends, stop worrying about the colour. focus on pro exam oggeh? this implies to me as well. tata!

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