Saturday, September 24, 2016

Empty thoughts

I doubt there's somebody out there who can understand me enough to not criticize me over my negative personality that I absolutely can't change overnight because the truth is-- you can't change people. You can just understand them, make them feel better by suggesting how they can see things in different  perspectives. People are not always positive; no you're not. (Except for Prof Muhaya :')

I salute anyone who can describe me as a whole honestly. Because sometimes, I don't even understand myself. I've read somewhere, don't let people describe you. But to me, I can learn how people see me through that. And I hope I can be a better person, as days goes by. But (again), I'm the type to just go with the flow. I avoid thinking about the future cause it's exhausting. To this day, I'm not growing in a way I imagined, perhaps new environment can help a bit, later on?

I miss usrah- my last usrah group. My murabbi is amazing, she still is. May Allah grant her His Great Blessings  day by day.

Ps: pms week is when i want to avoid people at all costs.
Pss: i'm an ISFP

Sunday, June 12, 2016

i wonder.. do people have pure hearts?

Are they born with it?

ps: I'm thinking out loud

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

supplementary pro exam

Alhamdulillah! God is Gracious, Most Merciful.

Most of us (extended students) who were struggling with cons requirements (especially) within these 2 blocks are finally eligible to take the supplementary pro exam. Yeay us!
Thank you Allah, our parents du'a and of course, our lecturers supportive hearts. Ni baru announcement eligibility to take exam dah happy macam ni, can u imagine the struggle?

But sadly.. there's still a good friend of mine who's unable to take the cons exam. I hope you can finish this soon so we can attend the convo together (i'm praying for you) this year ;)

My paper will be on the 3rd of february 2016, I have about a week to go and I haven't started reading yet. omgoshhh. Procrastination at its best >.<

Gotta go do some reading. Pray for my success okay bloggerpeeps? Muahs :*

Supplementary 4th Professional Examination, 
Year 5 (1-19th Feb 2016) Session 2015/2016
My subject: Conservative Dentistry

Please include me in you du'a as well  ^_~

ps: what kind of jobs could i do during pre-working period later? i need money to go for a vacay -_-

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