Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Kita dah try nak jadi positif. Tapi bila ada banyak benda dlm kepala, bila byk sgt dugaan, somehow akan keluar jgk sifat negatif tu.

Dan bila saat kita negatif tu semua menjauhkan diri, maksudnya?
Mereka tak boleh terima kita seadanya.

Kawan, patut bantu kita untuk jadi lebih positif. Walaupun sedikit. Bukan kah sebab itu kita memilih untuk berkawan?

Friday, August 15, 2014

a short note


There are so many things, memories, that i wish to pour them out here as writings. but taktahu kenapa when i berangan-angan nak tulis, bukak laptop, terus tekan sana sini dah terlupa tujuan asal T_T 
for some reasons, i don't like to share about my personal life. but personal experience such as trips to awesome places should be shared right?? just in case i get to make my readers happy/ inspire you, who knows ;)
most of them would be just throwbacks, because it takes a good time for me to write long, beneficial posts. haha. i hope i'm rajin enough to write you guys some useful posts later on! being postponing my written posts, thanks to pictures diary by instagram -__-
please pray for my hardworking-ness, happiness & not to forget my safety for the trip to bandung next week :D 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

most familiar stranger

you are a stranger now
and we don’t
hang out anymore
but you are still the person
i’d understand the most
my most familiar stranger


Saturday, July 19, 2014

doesn't matter anymore

too much heart aches these days. perhaps i'm too sensitive..

when you feel that you don't matter to anyone anymore,
when you feel that your presence or absence don't really make a difference anymore,
when you feel that your words don't touch others' hearts anymore,
when you feel that nobody appreciates you as you are anymore,

just remember this-- Allah is always there for His servant. 
Listening, caring, forgiving for people who turn to Him. 
Now.. does that ease your heart my dear? .

ps: consoling my fragile vulnerable heart.. 
My condolences goes to the families & relatives of MH017 passengers & crews. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raajiun.. Al-fatihah.
Let's Strive for Lailatulqadr~

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Year 4 Summary

Lately, my posts have been more personal, than the previous years.
I miss the funny side of me too, haha.

But being a 4th year student has taught me so much. I know my real self now and also got to know who the real friends are. Unfortunately, as I'm getting older, I barely have any close friends here. True story :) 

Maybe, I don't deserve to have one. I get grumpy at times especially when I don't get enough rest (sleep). Only sekime can handle me but well, she's busy with her club & society. Barely talk to her. So that explains my lonely life.. erh

Being a clinical student is so tiring that you have to make appointments by yourself (every day) and you need to find suitable cases to complete your requirements. And this year I had to issue & review at least my 8th denture (5 pairs this year)  so you can imagine how tiring the labworks had drained all my energy. Not including fabricating the ortho appliances (Clark Twin Blocks).

Struggle masak denture malam2
Me & sekime with her braces on! 

My 6th denture framework.. Done a Co-Cr for the lower one using altered cast technique which needs extra 1 visit

Clark Twin Blocks for Interceptive Ortho Treatment
One thing I learned (every year actually), is don't hesitate to do something and do not postpone it to the last minute! Be it patients or studies. Just do it. Or else you'll get stucked and at some point you'll lose hope. 

I was having difficult times when I had to do 2nd attempt for 2 of my promotional exams, and 1 re-viva. So basically I didn't passed smoothly for all my 3 clinical promo exams. You had to find your own patients, getting paranoid with your 1st attempt failures, and had to choose which examiners you want to do your exam with. And oh, at the same time don't forget to catch up with the requirements yea. My brain got jammed and I was very2 emotional during that time. Crying is my routine.

My secondary impression during 2nd attempt for Prostho. Baik sgt pakcik ni :) 

But after all exams done, I managed to put a smile on my face. I believe Allah has better plans for me so I just tawakkal to Allah. How I wish I didn't have to repeat my exams, but Alhamdulillah my requirements are okay compared to those who passed all exams but struggling to finish the requirements. 

Clinics and lectures just finished yesterday and now, I'm preparing for my end of block 4 exam this Monday. I still don't know whether I pass or not and eligible to be in the final year, still praying for it Insyaa Allah. 

Yesterday I had mixed feelings between happy (end of clinic) and sad, because one of our classmates has left KOD for good.. There's a protocol where we can't study here for more than 8 years, so he was asked to leave because he didn't take any promo exams this year.. I hope you're doing well out there and become a fine man 1 day insyaa Allah.. Thank you for being our friend although it was for a short duration. Pray for our success here too :)

Oh, not to forget, I managed to join a national dental conference (MIDEC 2014) last 2 weeks and it was a precious experience indeed! So much I learned there which somehow motivated me to open up my own clinic one day :) aminnn. Definitely need to participate again next year :D

Dummy patient from Japan.. she can talk & express her feelings!

Dlm lif pon sempattt selfie

KLCC yaww. Makan berdiri kayh

We are the volunteer team :)

So that's all-- my ups and downs as a 4th year dental student. I'm so tired I can't wait to finish this last exam and have a great long holiday. Thank you for reading and do pray for my success yea!

ps: gonna miss my partner kak farahah and my cubicle I5 hee

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