Thursday, October 28, 2010

contest mulut itik itu cunn misznorul

wah wah wah. walaupun tak diundang,tapi aku gagahkan jua kudrat untuk join pertandingan nih. hihiiii.


dedicate this to dare my old friend. heheh.
dunno why she calls me itik cause i think i look more like a swan- pure innocent look. haha! 
hey darr, you are the one who look ducky ok! :P

oh, now I remember.. in school I used to walk real slow like itik pulang petang especially after prep, i didnt even notice all the juniors were lagging behind me.. and formed a queue? haha.
maybe that's the reason for calling me itik. huu nvm.

oh!! sorry terlupa tujuan sebenar. nak tunjuk gambar mulut itikkk!! here goes~

i dunno how to pout, man. jadi cam mulut tikush shikit2. hoho

now i'm goin to tag two lucky ladies. 
hurmm.. aha! 
nak pilih budak pakai braces lah. 
agak2 tersangkut tak bibir korg kat besi2 tuh? haha XD

Sunday, October 24, 2010


N9 masuk final lagiii! XD
rusa lawan kijang. agak2 sape menang?

hobin jang hobin

Friday, October 15, 2010


Total satisfaction is felt 
when you successfully downloaded 
a 1080p HD video 
with 3 hours period of waiting. 

Not to mention, 
the video also has nothing to do with your mother tongue, 
and without subtitles, 
has a very short duration of just 4:24.

ps: wax patah.argh!

Monday, October 4, 2010

ignore this

Please give me some space to breeeeathe.
I need air. Fresh air.

PS: We are still friends. and we will ALWAYS be. Do you get me?
PSS: And oh. No, I don't like overly done efforts.

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