Monday, November 28, 2011


Perbidalan ni boleh diibaratkan seperti peribahasa Bahasa Melayu, tapi perbidalan yang aku nak ketengahkan pada hari ini ialah perbidalan Nismilan (Negeri Sembilan). Idea entri ini dicetuskan oleh mak dan abah sewaktu kami menikmati sarapan pagi tadi. huahuahua ayat skema. Org nogoghi ni suko bona exaggerate sesuatu perasaan dengan expression, so kalau nak express sesuatu tu tak cukup dgn 1 perkataan, kena ada lagi extra 1 word to support the previous word. (maap la rojak, ni namo eh maleh)

for example:

sejuk mengokot.
This applies when someone is extremely cold. Contoh eh la tadi, uwan(nenda) den komplen bilik tido sojuk yg amek sobab eh dh pasang kipeh tp aircond pun pasang laie. Apo to tido sampai mengokot dek eh. Yolah wan, dah sebilik ompek orang mano tak paneh, uwan yo lah badan dah kocut memang la sojuk mengokot. kikiki

tawar meleset.
Hah ni tadi maso makan bihun singapore, mak den dah tambah tolo ngan garam, tapi tu pon tawar yo laie. Kok dah tambah garam pun tawar laie tula namo eh tawar meleset.

masin/pahit mencocoh.
Korg penah tak makan makanan yg terlalu masin atau pahit sampai muke jadi mcm ni--- (>.<) ? tulah yg dikatakan mencocoh. hoho

podeh merahang.
Merahang ni den raso la kan, macam bukak mulut a.k.a. jaw a.k.a rahang lebar2. Haaa kalau podeh bona mesti la orang tu bukak mulut godang2, which is what we call as merahang. hahaha. Oh ye, merahang jgk boleh diaplikasikan utk seseorg yg tgh menangis. "ekau ni apo to merahang tak boronti ni.." gituww.

Haa tu la deh. perbidalan utk rasa/taste or whatever u guys want to interpret.

p/s: Salam Awal Muharram 1433H :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

pre-exam rants


Next week is gonna be a nightmare. Guess what? yeah, i'm having exams!! *gulps*

YEAR 2 END OF BLOCK 1 EXAM 2011/2012
Monday : Microbiology
Tuesday : Pharmacology
Wednesday : Conservative Dentistry
Thursday : Pathology
Friday : Dental Materials & Prosthetic Dentistry

Time : 2.30pm 3.30pm, Venue : MPH, KOD.

Fewhhh. *praying hard*

Soooooooo, after 2months (yeh?) of lectures and clinics and labs, here comes the most intriguing part for the lecturers.. to test the students memorizing skills - through this written exams. Oh yeah i've read Microbe for the quiz last time but still couldn't answer those simple questions -_- need to cut down on entertainments perhaps :P

Let's go through some advice or tips or quotes from the lecturers, shall we? :D

Dr. Kais (Cons) : "Read between the lines."

How da ya guys interpret thaaaaaat?! I mean Dr, I can't even finish reading through all your arbitrary-highly-vocab lecture notes yet (esp High Speed Technique) and then you want me to read in between the lines some more?! which line, can you specify? Lols. soqsoqsoq

Dr. Anisa (Cons) : "Dentistry is stressful & fatiguing."

Now I know how stressful dentistry is, especially after entering the clinical sessions. I mean, how do you guys make a nice and cute cavity in UPPER premolar tooth of which is situated in the restricted patients' oral cavity if you can't even look at the mirror properly? You can't rest your head on the patients chest ofc, though we're handling with the dummy :P The mirror keeps going foggy & blur by the water sprayed from the handpiece.. I kennot see clearly.. I.. actually.. I don't know how to use the mirror properly......OTL. Can I extract the tooth and put it back later? lol

Dr. Ghasak (Patho) : "You need to study 3 times. Exam is easy for those who studied."

3 times?! it's too late Dr... you should have told us about that earlier, if possible right before we entered KOD >.< Dr said the 1st time is for concentrated studying, 2ndly is revision and 3rdly is quick glance of what you have studied before sitting for exam. I'm doing the 3rd now... oh somebody help mehhh

Dr. Ammar (DM & Prostho) : "Listen to my advice."

I shouldn't have been so shocked in your class Dr, i should not. cause I don't really remember what were your advices.. I believe there are plenty of them, besides "don't BLINK in my class", "don't yawn, it's HARAM", "ALL slides are important" and so on. Why I always remember the unimportant parts, wae?! D:

Dr. Hlaing (Pharmaco) : "All my questions are straight forward."

Hehe I don't have much to say bout Dr Hlaing coz he's so baik and comel. ily Dr :p

Huh i need to write at least this long for my essays to get some marks. well~ those are written just for fun, hope my lecturers don't come across this post, but if they do, these are just my excuses doctors! don't butthurt xD yes yes i'm gonna continue studying now! :D pray fer me peeps, thankyou :)

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