Sunday, December 26, 2010


I have a disease.

DIS EASE - not in ease. not normal. (Dr Tin Maw, 2010)
I define it as.. not in a comfortable condition. which means..serabut!

a bit exaggeration there. but seriously, i have loads of works piled up since last2 week,
got postponed due to ladies night preparations (excuse je lebih :P) and and the most distinct contributor to my procrastination is laziness. urghhhh. actually there are  so may things I want to update here but i have no internet connection right now (am borrowing my friend's bb). Starting from tooth carving, dental & anatomy histo drawings, oral biology assignment, dental public health seminar, fugitive plan B and the list goes on..

Yesterday (friday) I went out for bowling tournament with my dear classmates (haha just a class activity actually, over plak tournamennt lol) and dahsyattttt. Din play for over 2yrs oredi. First score : 0/0. nasib baik brothers yg tough2 tu pun masuk longkang jgk. hahaha (ampun2). And then makan steamboat. Fuhh peruh penut perut penuh gile :)

and just now I played drum kat arcade. score bape ntah tak ingat tapi overall dpt msuk top 4 la. hahahhaa takde keje. fatin dodol yg ajar XD

OK dah. esok macam nak pegi TC nak show off shades baru harharhar. nite ppl.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Again and again

This entry isn't about 2PM. or k-pop. or whatever it is that pops out in your mind right now.
It's just that.. I entered a contest again! hahaha excited ey? 

Well it's not that I have superfluous free time, but the fact that the prizes awarded would be an iPad is sooo irresistible. And you know as a STUDENT, I can't afford that T_T. 

'But don't give up yet!', I said to myself. There's always a silver lining in each cloudy cloud.. Just, be creative! :) So when I came across this pertandingan, I could feel the calling to pour out my overflowing creativity bahaha in this contesttt, yeay! Please be informed that the contest is conducted by Kotex, so for the guys, tak payah pikir pelik2 pls. hehe.

So whoever wants to join, just simply click this application in facebook, and start decorating! The app is very cool and simple to use for beginners like me. So here is my wow:

Wow the Style. By Farizah Ramli

The concept is: Splutter your ideas on the wing-like canvas. Target: Teenagers (girls). Tagline: Ada style lahhh. haha copycat.

So dear friends and bloggers, please vote for me :)) you can simply vote for your favourite WOW design (mine especially) and stand a chance to win Gift Certificates! 

Time is precious right? So don't waste your time by browsing others' designs.. click here and just vote mine :) Once a day will do. hehehehe :P

When you click the link, you'll see something like this:

In case you don't find the page above, just click the pink Gallery tab and then type in my fb name in the search box. And then click the Like button, that's all! I can't thank you enough. So spread the love girls! haha~

Contest Manisnya Senyuman.

Jom ramai-ramai join contest ni =)

syarat penyertaan senang je.
klik sana, klik sini, copy paste, taip-taip sikit = selesai ^_^
  1. Buat entry bertajuk CONTEST MANISNYA SENYUMAN
  2.  Letak BANNER contest di dalam entry dan link kan ke blog ini.
  3. Letak satu gambar yang penuh dengan senyuman.[gambar beramai-ramai. min 3 orang]
  4. Bina satu ayat kreatif tentang gambar berkenaan.
  5. Tag 2 blog yang lain.
  6. Tinggalkan link entry anda di ruangan komen.
[tak perlu follow dan letak banner di sidebar]

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[penganjur nak g sambung study. takut busy lak nanti. ehe]


Sebuah senyuman :) dan reload RM1X.

My photo:
Even if others don't see it, a smile will surely brighten YOUR day.

Nak tag.. Acap & Sabby :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Contest : Blog Header Makeover!

Ahh, there's this one contest, and the lucky winner will get a TOTAL blog makeover. And I was like, "cooool, just as i wish :)" and I mean it.

Okay, I've been blogwalking and got fascinated by the cool designs of their blogs (especially the arts or graphics students) woww how I wish I could own one. But all I could possibly do was just done some editing with my blog's header by putting a lil wordings up there and with the help of 13 handsome men, I hope the header looks fine cool handsome.

Well you see, the name of this blog is The Orange Dentist so people might be expecting some dentists-like articles from me but sorry, that's just merely my ambition - to be a dentist. I'm still a dental student and currently in my 1st yr of studies so there's loadsss more mysteries out there that I have to unravel for me to reach my dream. What I'm saying is I have to learn lots more before giving you guys the facts here, and I just don't like to copy&paste online articles. You guys could just google them up right?

OK OK back to the topic. I have lots of designs in my head and I wish I could spurt them out here but somehow they are just imaginations and pictures in my head, I find it difficult to portray in words.
But a few elements I'd love to have in my blog : retro-ish (ok struggle gle colour satu2), orange (ohh my fav colour!) & white (they look nice together), simple yet adorable (haha what a tagline..) and of course, teeth! Ohhh btw, I'm soooo in love with these two cute milk teeth : Ickle and Lardee. They're funny and adorableeee :) you guys should check em out!

"come visit us!"

But butttt, as I said earlier, "... I wish."  Demnnn, alright I admit, I'm lame in handling this template thingy and all. It took hours for me to edit blah3 and last time I forgot to save the edits and clicked cancel instead so yeahhh. Teruk kan? haha.

So now I wanna change I wish to ----> I hope I could win the contest and bravooo win myself my blog a makeover :D You guys can do the same too, just click the banner yawww ~

lucky girls yg kena tagged :)
shuque (bersawang blog ekau deyy update copek :P)
a'an (lame tak jumpe so aku terase nk tag kau jgk, hee)

PS: thank you sri for the invite :)

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