Saturday, September 24, 2016

Empty thoughts

I doubt there's somebody out there who can understand me enough to not criticize me over my negative personality that I absolutely can't change overnight because the truth is-- you can't change people. You can just understand them, make them feel better by suggesting how they can see things in different  perspectives. People are not always positive; no you're not. (Except for Prof Muhaya :')

I salute anyone who can describe me as a whole honestly. Because sometimes, I don't even understand myself. I've read somewhere, don't let people describe you. But to me, I can learn how people see me through that. And I hope I can be a better person, as days goes by. But (again), I'm the type to just go with the flow. I avoid thinking about the future cause it's exhausting. To this day, I'm not growing in a way I imagined, perhaps new environment can help a bit, later on?

I miss usrah- my last usrah group. My murabbi is amazing, she still is. May Allah grant her His Great Blessings  day by day.

Ps: pms week is when i want to avoid people at all costs.
Pss: i'm an ISFP

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