Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Wanted to write about the mischievous monkeys swimming & playing around in the stream behind my mahallah yesterday but my friend pah ain has done it. So here goes a little introduction about dentistry, particularly for first year students, but in a simpler & 'understandable' way. haha

THE daily routine.

6.15am - tired from snoozing the alarm for 20mins, eventually woke up, mandi, solat, drink iced milo for breakfast.
7.25am - walked down the staircase as fast as lightning to ride the bus (if late, need to walk to kulliyyah of dentistry (KOD) for 18mins -_-')
8.00am - class started
10.00am - 30mins break (eat ok krunch due to the lack of cafe in KOD)
10.30am - continue class
12.30pm - lunch break. walked to mahallah or if lucky enough, rode the bus.
bought lunch at cafe in CF brothers, drop by at fatin's room to eat lunch and solat.
1.30pm - bus arrived. usually I couldn't make it on time so need to walk 18mins to KOD. tskk.
2.00pm - afternoon class continue
5.00pm - class ended. walked to mahallah (how many times did I mention this word already?) or drop by at KOM to photocopy class notes (was just accompanying fatin & my roomate fariha since they're the class' note masters.DI! haha).
walked to mahallah again for 15mins, stop by at CF brothers to buy dinner.
walked back to my room  on the 4th floor, arrived in front of the room door 9mins later while gasping for air. unlocked the door,  put down all stuff on bed. solat. (did I really do all these in 1 hr time? wow >.<)
6.00pm - leisure time (fb-ing included XD)
7.00pm - mandi, solat
8.15pm - leisure time (again.haha)
9.00pm - study or do homework
10.00pm - eventually will fall asleep while studying
12.30am - wake up, solat, stay up
2.00am - go to sleep. finally.

...and the routine continues the next day. oh, except for weekends.

I think that explains everything. What a life. haha~

PS: dentistry is all about walking. hahaha

Sunday, July 18, 2010

listen to my Y

kenapa? kenapaa?
kenapa most of the seniors (dentistry esp) baik sangat?
mereka telah membuatkan aku rasa guilty! hahaha
(sebab apa guilty, cuba teka sendiri. :PP)

ni gmbr gigi yang selalu muncul dlm slide dr. bobo. hihi

Ps: tak cukup lagi 40 signature 4th year students :P

sangat suka subject dental anatomy. 
maybe sbb boleh nampak apa yang dibelajar? 
atau sbb lecturer yang kiuut? mihihihi

suka lagu Y fom MBLAQ.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The soupy experience

Ever seen an eatable square bowl?
Here's a place where you can see and even swallow one.

I was wandering around Berjaya Times Square one day with my sister, thinking what should we do instead of pouring out our money unconsciously. Luckily we passed by a tiny food kiosk called The espresSOUP, next to the elevator and something caught our eyes. A square bowl? No no, a bread bowl?? WOW.

Although eating soup with bread is common, but having your soup in a bread is something new. So we ordered a mushroom soup. (I know it's cliche, but I don't have enough courage to try a pumpkin or brocolli soup :P) Tadaa! 

So we started our  experiment. A bit of a reminder, before eating, recite basmallah and read the how-to-eat-soup-in-a-bread-effectively instructions.

But my sis insisted on retaining the cubic shape bread bowl while eating. So instead of soaking all the bread in the soup all at once, we cut the sides of the bread level by level. hoho~

A tip before you decide to eat the farmer's bread:
make sure your tummy is empty and preferably rumbling.
Because seriously, even us both cannot finish one soup cause the bread is kinda wholegrain bread. Very mengenyangkan.. heheh
Comment? Nyummy but a bit costly. hihi

Ps: What a hiatus~ takde internet kat rumah okeyyyy. miskin. haha~

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