Monday, September 14, 2015

old buddy and.. crush?


Last thursday, I just found out that my old school buddy is in town! She lived so nearby that I wonder why I didn't know that she's been here since..forever. haha. She just graduated from Mansoura, Egypt. The place where I planned to go to after SPM actually. Last time we met was probably in 2012? So long ago that we definitely need a catch up sesh!

So I went out with her on Friday, to temankan her doing her akujanji (or angkat sumpah?) and medical check up for upcoming HO position in HTAA. Cool. Ada geng around here during my final semester but I doubt she'll have time to hangout after starting work as doctor there. Sobss. So basically I got the rough idea on how to do stuffs before start working..

Of course we went for lunch and start updating ourselves. What's more interesting other than relationship stories? hahah. Well, obviously I don't have one.. yet ;p Sabby tu hotstuff so there were loads of stories to listen to hehe. Nak dijadikan cerita, she reminded me of my old old crush back then in 2008 when we were taking arabic course in GMN at UKM. So old that I was surprised she still remembered that hahaha (zaman hingusan k).

We (me, sabby and baby) called him binafsihi. Haaa amik course arab kot masetu harusla nickname pon arab LOL. Binafsihi means purple, cuz he wore purple tshirt during that time, I still remember all of us was in the meeting room and he sat across us, then we (or was it me?) secretly took his pic (with that purple tshirt). Omg I laughed so hard remembering how childish I was hahaha. So that was the only memory I had about him.

But since sabby brought up his name, I wondered if he's still single and she said yes. I actually didn't remember his face.. haha. So I asked her to show me his FB acc and there, nampak la profile pic and all and he looked.. different. Got matured I guess. And then.. I added him. On FB. omg. hahah that was my 1st time doing that! (adding quite a stranger haha). Of course I asked sabby to add him 1st (tho they were in the same uni & group but she said he was a quiet type so that's why tak friend) so that we have mutual friends. I don't wanna look like a creep. Then after finished eating, suddenly dpt notification yang he approved our friend requests. I was happy but in the same time so flustered bcos never did this kind of thing before hahaha dah besar kot -_-" Long after that, suddenly I thought, what was the purpose of me doing that? Ntahla. I don't have the courage to pm him directly of course. No expectations held :) The end XD

The next day, sabby invited me to her house. She stuffed me with food (did I mention she belanja me all the way through?) be it pizza or cooked home meal. Heaven :') Definitely a wife material la :D Thanks for the treat and sleepover sabby! Felt nice like college days again. hehe. Keluar la cerita2 our batchmates phoenix, made me realized I really miss my tkc girls. Tho I'm studying in Malaysia, I don't really spend time with my girls.. coz we got lots of exams and no study week. And no transportation pun 1 of the factor. huhu. Missed lotsa weddings.. As far as I can recall, I attended Din2, Sur and Sazuk's weddings je. Ohmyyy. Need to socialize better :')

My message is: go out and don't forget to contact your old buddies yea. coz you don't always wait for people to come and search for you, but you also need to reach out to them :)

Have a nice week peeps! Happy advance Malaysia Day :)

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